Conservation Runs Through It

This June, our team visited elementary classrooms of grades 4 – 7 and did an exciting and interactive presentation on the wetland complexes we are building within our Brighton community.

We supplied each of the classrooms with a cardboard filing box that contained items from a local craft store that would assist them in building a diorama, using the box, to create their rendition of a wetlands complex.  Materials included were:  sand, rocks, molding clay, paints, moss, twigs, paints, glue, tape, pipe cleaners, animal cut outs, animal figures, styrofoam, etc.

Each of the classrooms had a week to build the dioramas, and once complete we went back out to each classroom to take some group pictures with the finished projects and awarded them with passes to go to any one of the several Saskatoon Leisure Centre’s that have a water park.

The kids and teachers expressed that they very much enjoyed the presentation and building the projects. One teacher has asked to have the diorama back so they can showcase it in their school library to teach future children about wetlands and the importance that they play in our environment and communities.

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