Welcome to the Dream family.

Thank you for choosing to live in a Dream community. At Dream, we are dedicated to creating communities where families want to live and grow. Our communities are innovative and industry-leading, crafted by renowned thinkers and visionaries. We understand that the quality of our resident’s lives is not driven by any one aspect of what we do, but by how everything we do comes together as part of a greater whole.

Tree Program

Dream is pleased to provide all new homeowners with a tree to enhance their front yard. This helps us establish our communities and beautify our streetscapes. Your personal tree is complementary to the trees that Dream plants throughout your community in the public spaces, but together they help create the urban forest we all enjoy for decades to come.

Here is a list of general information you should know.

  • Trees will be planted by our landscaper and are for the front yard only.
  • If your front yard cannot accommodate a tree, a shrub package will be offered instead.
  • As it is impossible for us to monitor the care given to the tree after it is planted, we can provide no guarantee or warranty on your tree. Trees that do not survive are unable to be replaced.
  • Care and maintenance guidelines are provided for each community.
  • Programs may vary slightly depending on the community.


Tree Planting Process

To order your tree, please follow the steps below for your community:


Tree Selection List – Brighton
Landscape Package List – Brighton

  1. Type your home address inside the search bar. The Community Map will display the location of your home.
  2. Select your home location and a text window will appear at the left hand side. Please fill in your information as well as the homeowner code received from your builder.
  3. Information on trees/package selection is provided on the pdf for that community.
  4. A system message will display when your order is complete.
  5. The landscaper will make arrangements to mark the locations of any underground utilities in your front yard.
  6. A stake will be positioned by the landscaper in a position most suitable for planting. The location may be revised providing it is not in conflict with utilities or other constraints.
  7. Once the tree location has been confirmed your planting will be scheduled.

Any questions? We can help!
Please contact us at for any questions!