Dream Global REIT is a real estate investment trust that owns, invests and manages an exceptional portfolio of assets located in Europe’s top markets.

With a diversified, growth-oriented portfolio of commercial properties, we aim to provide investors with stable, sustainable and growing cash flows. We invest in markets with a stable business and operating environment, a liquid market for real estate investments, a legal framework that provides adequate rights and protections for property owners and a manageable foreign investment regime.

Dream Global REIT enables investors to diversify their holdings, as Canada’s major pension plans and other large institutional investors have done, by incorporating international commercial real estate into their portfolios. At the same time, investors have the benefit of a well-managed REIT and a proven management team.


Our Objectives

We are committed to:

  • creating better communities to work in;
  • managing our investments to provide stable, sustainable, and growing cash flows through investments in commercial real estate located in key markets in Western Europe;
  • building a diversified, growth-oriented portfolio of commercial properties;
  • capitalizing on internal growth and seeking accretive acquisition opportunities in our target markets;
  • growing the value of our assets and maximizing the long-term value of our Units through the active and efficient management of our assets; and
  • providing predictable cash distributions per unit, on a tax-efficient basis.

Our Strategy

Dream Global REIT’s core strategy is to invest in income-producing properties outside of Canada that provide stable, sustainable and growing cash flows by:

  • optimizing the performance, value and cash flow of our portfolio;
  • diversifying our portfolio to mitigate risk;
  • investing in stable income-producing properties outside of Canada; and
  • maintaining and strengthening our conservative financial profile.

Management Team

Our team is made up of the industry’s smartest, most dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced real estate investment, management and financial professionals that have a proven track record of creating value.


P. Jane GavanPresident and Chief Executive Officer
Rajeev ViswanathanChief Financial Officer
Alexander SannikovChief Operating Officer
Bruce TraversySenior Vice President, Investments
Michael SchwöbelManaging Director, Real Estate, Germany
Ms. Jane Gavan is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Dream Global REIT. She is also President, Asset Management of Dream Unlimited, with more than 30 years of experience in the real estate industry. Since joining Dream in 1998, Ms. Gavan has played a key role in numerous transactions including Dream’s acquisition of Lehndorff Properties, the 2003 business restructuring that resulted in the creation of Dream Office REIT, Dream Office REIT’s $2.3 billion portfolio sale to GE Real Estate, and the initial public offering of Dream Global REIT. Prior to joining Dream, Ms. Gavan served as legal counsel for numerous companies including Oxford Properties Group, and Denison Mines Corp., and began her career in private law practice with Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP, specializing in real estate and corporate finance. She earned an Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree from Carleton University and a Bachelor of Laws degree from Osgoode Hall, York University. Ms. Gavan currently sits on the board of directors of Dream Unlimited Corp., Dream Global REIT, and is on the Patron's Council for Community Living Toronto.
Mr. Rajeev Viswanathan is the Chief Financial Officer of Dream Global REIT and has 18 years of corporate finance, treasury, financial planning, information technology and reporting experience. Prior to joining Dream Global REIT, Rajeev was Chief Financial Officer of Dream Office REIT.  Mr. Viswanathan is a Chartered Professional Accountant, Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst, beginning his professional career at Ernst & Young LLP. Mr. Viswanathan also holds a Master of Accounting and a Bachelor of Mathematics degree from the University of Waterloo.
Mr. Alexander Sannikov is Chief Operating Officer for Dream Global REIT. In this role Mr. Sannikov has oversight of the operating performance of the REIT's properties, and portfolio strategy as well as capital allocation. Prior to this Mr. Sannikov was Senior Vice President, Commercial Properties, responsible for portfolio management for Dream Global REIT. Previously, Mr. Sannikov oversaw investment analysis and due diligence for all acquisitions completed by Dream Global REIT. Mr. Sannikov joined Dream in 2008 and has held various positions in areas of research and analysis, acquisitions and investments. Prior to joining Dream, Alexander was with American Appraisal in Moscow, Russia. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Mathematics degree from the Moscow State University and a Master of Finance degree from the University of Toronto.
Mr. Bruce Traversy is a Senior Vice President of DAM and has over 28 years of experience in the real estate industry. Bruce is head of investments internationally as well as asset management on behalf of overseas clients. Since joining Dream in 1997, Mr. Traversy’s past functional responsibilities have included research and analysis, investor relations, asset management and Canadian commercial property investments. Since 2003, Mr. Traversy has played a key role in property acquisitions and dispositions on behalf of clients including Dream Office REIT, Dream Industrial REIT and Dream Global REIT, totalling approximately $18 billion. Prior to joining Dream, Mr. Traversy was a senior consultant with an international property advisory firm. Mr. Traversy earned an Honours Bachelors of Arts degree in urban development from the University of Western Ontario.
Mr. Michael Schwöbel is Managing Director of Dream Global Advisors, Dream Global REIT’s asset management platform in Europe. As Head of Real Estate of Dream Global REIT, Michael oversees all Real Estate advisory services in Germany, Austria and Belgium including leasing, operations, dispositions, asset strategy, repositioning, value add initiatives and developments. Prior to joining Dream in September 2012, Mr. Schwöbel was Head of Leasing, Germany of Fortress Investment Group for six years and was in charge of several assignments at Deutsche Bank’s Corporate Real Estate division for more than eight years. Mr. Schwöbel holds a degree in Business Administration and a postgraduate degree in Real Estate Economics from European Business School.