GP Board

The Directors of Dream Alternatives Master GP (the “GP Board”) oversee management of the Trust’s assets held through Dream Alternatives Master LP.

The GP Board is, among other things, responsible for the following:

  • overseeing the overall long-term strategic-planning process and reviewing and approving the annual investment plan presented to the GP Board by Dream;
  • assessing the principal risks of investments and reviewing, approving and monitoring the systems in place to manage these risks;
  • reviewing major strategic initiatives to determine whether Dream’s proposed actions accord with the long term goals of Dream Alternatives Master LP;
  • overseeing Dream Alternatives Master LP’s relationship with Dream and reviewing matters relating to senior management and succession planning;
  • assessing performance against approved investment plans;
  • reviewing and approving reports issued to the Trust;
  • promoting effective governance of Dream Alternatives Master LP; and
  • safeguarding Dream Alternatives Master LP’s equity interests through the optimum utilization of Dream Alternatives Master LP’s capital resources, including through approving issuances of debt and equity securities and setting an appropriate distribution policy.

The GP Board is comprised of seven members, a majority of whom are “independent” within the meaning of NI 58-101. Each member demonstrates expertise in key areas of Dream Alternatives’ activities, and each brings a unique and valuable skill set.