Trust Board

The Trust Board is, among other things, responsible for the following:

  • overseeing the Trust’s overall long-term strategic-planning process and reviewing and approving the annual investment plan presented to the Trust Board by Dream;
  • reviewing major strategic initiatives to determine whether Dream’s proposed actions accord with the long term goals of the Trust;
  • overseeing the Trust’s relationship with Dream;
  • reviewing and approving reports issued to Unitholders;
  • promoting effective governance of the Trust;
  • safeguarding the Trust’s equity interests, including through approving issuances of debt and equity securities and setting an appropriate distribution policy for the Trust; and
  • reviewing and making decisions with respect to equity compensation plans of the Trust or changes to such plans.

Each of the members of our Trust Board is required to exercise the powers and discharge the duties of his or her office honestly and in good faith with a view to the best interests of Dream Alternatives and our Unitholders. In doing so, they must exercise the care, diligence and skill that a reasonable and prudent person would exercise in comparable circumstances.

The Trust Board is comprised of three highly experienced business leaders, each with expertise in key areas of Dream Alternatives’ activities, and each bringing with them a unique and valuable skill set.

The Declaration of Trust requires that all of the members of the Trust Board be an Independent Trustee in order to promote an alignment of the interests of the Trust Board with the interests of the Unitholders.

Independent Trustee

A Trustee that is independent within the meaning of NI 58–101. An Independent Trustee is one who is not an employee or executive officer of Dream and who is free from any direct or indirect relationship which could, in the view of the Board, be reasonably expected to interfere with independent judgment.