Board of Directors

Dream has a strong team of experienced real estate investment, asset management and fin­ancial professionals with a proven track record of creating value. Our team has expertise in the debt/equity capital markets, structured fin­ance, investment, acquisition, development, management and operation of assets across a broad spectrum of property types in major Canadian urban markets. In addition, we have developed invaluable local, national and inter­national relationships with experienced dev­elopment partners, financial in­stitutions, bro­kers, operators and other real estate professionals that allow us to source and execute compelling investment opportunities.

The Articles of Amalgamation of Dream pro­vide for the Board of Directors to consist of a minimum of one and a maximum of 10 directors. Our Board currently consists of 8 members.


Highlights of the Board:

  • Highly experienced, with expertise in all key areas of Dream’s businesses
  • 6 of 8 directors are independent
  • 4 of 8 directors are women
  • Individual and majority voting policy
  • None of the Corporation’s Directors serve on an excessive number of other public boards
  • Diverse nature of experience and industries