Impact Investing is one of the fastest growing segments of the $3.2 trillion sustainable investing market.

Impact investing is investing with the intention to generate a positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a market return. Integrating impact into our projects is financially attractive and actively contributes to our mission of making a meaningful positive and lasting impact within our communities.

As an investor and developer of communities, Dream is in a strong position to improve sustainability and advance socio-economic equality through purposeful development and management of real estate.

Making an Impact Through Real Estate and Infrastructure

Our Industry is uniquely positioned to positively influence our society

Impact investing encompasses more than the investment alone.  By managing investments for impact, Dream provides enhanced access to a broad range of investment opportunities that achieve strong market returns with positive, measurable social and environmental outcomes.

Managing for Impact

Our Focus

The Trust is well positioned, with its existing assets and robust development pipeline, to deliver strong financial returns to its stakeholders, while having a meaningful, positive impact along three verticals: Attainable Housing, Inclusive Communities and Resource Efficiency.

Impact Investing Focus

Our three impact verticals align with the universally recognized and accepted UN SDGs

  • Attainable Housing: Investments in mixed-income communities that are transit oriented, located close to employment opportunities and offer a substantively lower cost of living relative to market;
  • Inclusive Communities: Creating communities that generate positive social outcomes for under-supported groups, taking action to provide equal access to homes and opportunities for people who have traditionally faced barriers to access; and
  • Resource Efficiency: Developing sustainable real estate that optimizes energy use, limits greenhouse gas emissions and reduces water use and waste.

The Trust’s portfolio strategy will be anchored by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (“UN SDGs”) and it will report its impact performance against the leading standards as they evolve.

Together, these verticals are aligned with 13 of the 17 UN SDGs, which have the support of 162 countries and territories.

For further information please see our current investor presentation or the October 13, 2020 press release.