Dream Industrial REIT is pleased to offer a Unitholder Distribution Reinvestment Plan (“DRIP”) and Unit Purchase Plan

The purpose of the Distribution Reinvestment and Unit Purchase Plan is to provide Dream Industrial REIT Unitholders with a convenient way of investing in additional Units without incurring transaction costs under the Plan, including commissions, service charges or brokerage fees. By participating in the Plan, Unitholders may invest in additional Units in two ways:

  1. Distribution Reinvestment: Unitholders will have cash distributions from Dream Industrial REIT reinvested in additional Units as and when cash distributions are made.
  2. Cash Purchase: Unitholders may invest in additional Units by making cash purchases.

If you register in the DRIP you will also receive a “bonus” distribution of Units equal to 3% of the amount of your cash distribution reinvested pursuant to the Plan. In other words, for every $1.00 of cash distributions reinvested by you under the Plan, $1.03 worth of Units will be purchased.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact us at industrialinfo@dream.ca

To enroll in the DRIP, please contact your dealer, bank, broker, investment advisor or other intermediary through which you hold your units.